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Last updated: 2008-07-12 9:39:22 AM

It's been a while, but I'm back in the US and this site now has a more permanent home.

If you're brand new to the quest, you'll need to start out with Stofo Olan, get your copy of notes and turn it in to Jeb Lumsed. Good luck and may all your mobs spawn quickly.

Jump to your relevant section: [Damage] [Haste] [Efficiency] [Healing] [Duration] [Range] -- [Item List]


As you well know the modifier for Gallenite's Minor Destruction, Destruction, Major Destruction, and Chaos as well as Improved Damage I, II, III, and IV is 20%.

Gallenite's Chaos and Improved Damage IV will affect any spell in the game (up to lvl 65) but only by 20%. So the only way to improve upon these is to increase the damage modifiers.

There are a lot of new names to look out for, but I suppose you'll find only one or two items with this effect per tier in the Planes of Power.

Some things of note are the addition of Fire, Ice and Magic based focus items as well as a new line of low level double damage items.

These items will become essential for the classes who wish for their damage output to increase. The new names may be a bit confusing so here's a convenient list. Be on the lookout for items with the following effects:

Any Non-Bane, Single-Target
Focus EffectModifierMax Level
Fury of Solusek30%65
Anger of Solusek25%65
Secret of Power23%65
Enchantment of Destruction20%65
Gallenite's Chaos20%65
Improved Damage IV20%65
Gallenite's Major Destruction20%60
Improved Damage III20%60
Gallenite's Destruction20%52
Improved Damage II20%44
Gallenite's Minor Destruction20%34
Improved Damage I20%20
Non-Bane, Single-Target, Fire-Based
Focus EffectModifierMax Level
Wrath of Ro35%65
Fury of Ro30%65
Focus of Flame26%65
Anger of Ro23%65

Non-Bane, Single-Target, Cold-Based
Focus EffectModifierMax Level
Wrath of E'ci35%65
Fury of E'Ci30%65
Chill of the Umbra26%65
Anger of E'ci23%65

Non-Bane, Single-Target, Magic-Based
Focus EffectModifierMax Level
Wrath of Druzzil35%65
Fury of Druzzil30%65
Insidious Dreams26%65
Anger of Druzzil23%65

Single Low-Level Spell Per Class (100% Increase)
Focus EffectSpellClass
Chaos StormChaos FluxEnchanter
Burning BlazeBlazeMagician
Inferno of SolusekInferno ShockWizard
Torbas' VengeanceTorbas' Acid BlastNecromancer
Venom of the TaintedShock of the TaintedShaman
Combustion of RoCombustDruid
Wrath of the AgesWrathCleric
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Before Planes of Power there were 5 types of haste: Spell Haste, Reanimation Haste, Summoning Haste, Enhancement Haste, and Affliction Haste.

  • Spell Haste - The lowest at only a 15% reduction in casting time. This effect worked on all spells.
  • Reanimation Haste - At a 30% reduction in casting time, this effect works only on undead pet summoning spells which normally take a long time (Necromancer & Shadow Knight).
  • Summoning Haste - At a 30% reduction in casting time, this effect works only with live pet summoning spells which normally take a long time (Enchanter, Magician, Druid, Shaman, Wizard).
  • Enhancement Haste - At a 30% reduction in casting time, this effect worked on any buff spell.
  • Affliction Haste - The highest at a 33% reduction in casting time, this effect worked on spells with a non-instant detrimental effect. This includes Mesmerize, Root, Ensnare, DoT's etc.

There are only 6 effects that affect spells with a casting time lower than 3.0 seconds. Spell Haste I, Affliction Haste I, and Enhancement Haste I all affect spells with a minimum casting time of 1.0 seconds, but up to level 20. Spell Haste II, Affliction Haste II, and Enhancement Haste II affect spells with a minimum casting time of 2.0 seconds, but only on up to level 44 spells.

Some interesting additions were made for spell haste. It's a bit of a mixed bag, don't throw out those old focus items just yet.

There is no change for Enhancement, Reanimation, Summoning, or Affliction Haste. As it stands now they already have excellent spell haste and an upgrade might do more harm than good.

But the good news is that regular haste items go up to 23%. The bad news is that they appear to have left out an effect; Reanimation Haste IV appears to be missing.

A big change in the Haste department is the addition of the Healing category. Healers now get up to a 30% haste to their healing spells, with the obvious exception of Complete and Percentage Heals.

It looks like a ton of bugs. In fact it looks like they were only concerned with the healer focus items being correct and far superior to the other haste additions.

Healers score big in the spell haste department so far. Of note there is a line of Cleric spells that will grant a 10% spell haste, but is based on the old system of level limits.

Here's a convenient list as the effect names might be a little confusing:

Standard Spell Haste
Focus Effect Modifier Max Level
Quickening of Druzzil 23% 65
Speeding Thought 18% 65
Haste of Druzzil18%65
Contemplative Alacrity15%65
Conundrum of Speed15%65
Naki's Superior Pernicity15%65
Spell Haste IV15%65
Naki's Greater Pernicity15%60
Spell Haste III15%60
Naki's Charm of Pernicity15%51
Spell Haste II15%44
Naki's Lesser Pernicity15%29
Spell Haste I15%20
Healing Spell Haste
Focus EffectModifierMax Level
Wind of the Nightcrawler30%65
Quickening of Mithaniel30%65
Speed of Mithaniel25%65
Haste of Mithaniel20%65

Beneficial Spell Haste
Focus EffectModifierMax Level
Enhancement Haste IV30%65
Enhancement Haste III30%60
Enhancement Haste II30%44
Enhancement Haste I30%20

Nukes Only Haste
Focus EffectModifierMax Level
Shade Stone Focus20%65

Summon Spell Haste
Spell NameModifierMax Level
Summoning Haste IV30%65
Summoning Haste III30%60
Reanimation Haste III30%60
Summoning Haste II30%44
Reanimation Haste II30%44
Summoning Haste I30%20
Reanimation Haste I30%20
Detrimental Spell Haste
Focus EffectModifierMax Level
Quickening of Solusek23%65
Blaze of the Lightbringer20%65
Speed of Solusek18%65
Haste of Solusek15%65

Detrimental Min. 36 Sec Duration Spell Haste
Focus EffectModifierMax Level
Affliction Haste IV33%65
Affliction Haste III33%60
Affliction Haste II33%44
Affliction Haste I33%20

Cleric Spell Haste - 10% (Stacks with focus effects)
Spell NameSpellMax Level
Blessing of Reverence6265
Blessing of Faith3961
Blessing of Piety1939
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Current efficiency focus items are seperated into 4 categories: Mana Preservation, Summoning Efficiency, Reanimation Efficiency, and Affliction Efficiency.

  • Mana Preservation - Decreases mana cost of all spells by 10%, except Complete and Percentage Heals.
  • Summoning Efficiency - Decreases mana cost of all pet spells by 25% (Enchanter, Magician, Druid, Shaman, Wizard).
  • Reanimation Efficiency - Decreases mana cost of all undead pet spells by 25% (Necromancer & Shadow Knight).
  • Affliction Efficiency - Decreases mana cost of all non-instant detrimental spells by 25% (Mesmerize, Root, Ensnare).

Previous Standard Mana Preservation items were never as good as the 15% mage-summonable items. New focus items push that threshold with just a 3% increase.

Most exciting is the incredible savings for Healers who can save a whopping 40% maximum. Although Preservation of Mithaniel looks like a more reasonable amount.

Also of note is the 30% savings for Mez and DoT spells. It's not entirely clear which spells are affected by which focus effect. Only time will tell.

One big problem here, one spell is missing: Reanimation Efficiency IV. That should get the Necromancers riled up!

Sanguine Conservation (and I assume Sanguine Enchantment as well) is a bit misleading as it only applies to self buffs. Not even group buffs.

Mana Preservation has proven itself to be invaluable. Saving 10% per cast is equivalent to increasing your mana pool by 10%, think about what 40% could do! As usual the names of these effects might be confusing so here is a list:

Detrimental Spell Efficiency
Focus EffectModifierMax Level
Conservation of Bertoxxulous30%65
Pernicious Focus30%65
Preservation of Solusek20%65
Wind of Mana20%65
Conservation of Solusek15%65
Alluring Preservation15%65
Jolum's Superior Abatement15%65
Jolum's Major Abatement15%60
Jolum's Abatement15%50
Jolum's Minor Abatement15%24
Focus of Solusek10%65
Beneficial Spell Efficiency
Focus EffectModifierMax Level
Sanguine Conservation40%65
Perservation of Mithaniel20%65
Darkened Preservation20%65
Conservation of Mithaniel15%65
Sanguine Enchantment15%65
Focus of Mithaniel10%65

Affliction Efficiency (Minimum 36 second duration)
Focus EffectModifierMax Level
Affliction Efficiency IV25%60
Affliction Efficiency III25%60
Affliction Efficiency II25%44
Affliction Efficiency I25%20

Summoning Efficiency
Focus EffectModifierMax Level
Summoning Efficiency IV25%65
Summoning Efficiency III25%60
Reanimation Efficiency III25%60
Summoning Efficiency II25%44
Reanimation Efficiency II25%44
Summoning Efficiency I25%20
Reanimation Efficiency I25%20
All Spell Preservation
Focus EffectModifierMax Level
Conservation of Xegony20%65
Preservation of the Akheva18%65
Preservation of Xegony15%65
Focus of the Orb12%65
Obsidian Requiem10%65
Mana Preservation IV10%65
Mana Preservation III10%60
Mana Preservation II10%44
Mana Preservation I10%20
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The original Improved Healing focii boosted healing spells by 20%.

The new focus effects top out at a huge 30% increase. While this doesn't affect Complete or Percentage Heals, this type of focus effect is a big bonus for healers of all classes.

No glaring errors for this simple list. Looks like they actually cared to get it right. Here's the list:

Improved Healing
Focus EffectModifierMax Level
Marr's Blessing30%65
Marr's Gift25%65
Touch of Judgement23%65
Improved Healing IV20%65
Improved Healing III20%60
Improved Healing II20%44
Improved Healing I20%20
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Prior to Planes of Power there were two types of Duration Enhancements: Extended Enhancement and Extended Affliction

  • Extended Enhancement - 15% duration extension applied to any beneficial spell.
  • Extended Affliction - 20% duration extension applied to any detrimental spell.

Enhancement increased the duration by a fixed amount, giving a 15% extension to all buffs cast. Affliction increased the duration of spells like mez, root, and snare by 20%.

The new focus items increase detrimental durations to 30%. What is interesting is that there is no 25% or 30% modifier for the Enhancement line. It seems like they forgot about it in the Planes of Power.

Also of note is a focus effect that affects all types of spells with a duration. Here's the list of the new names to watch for:

Extended Enhancement
Focus EffectModifierMax Level
Patience of Eternity20%65
Patience of Time20%65
Zephyr of Brell20%65
Tavee's Superior Diuturnity15%65
Extended Enhancement IV15%65
Tavee's Greater Diuturnity15%60
Extended Enhancement III15%60
Tavee's Charm of Diuturnity15%49
Extended Enhancement II15%44
Tavee's Lesser Diuturnity15%29
Extended Enhancement I15%20
Extended Affliction
Focus EffectModifierMax Level
Vengeance of Eternity30%65
Vengeance of Time25%65
Accursed Extension20%65
Extended Affliction IV20%65
Extended Affliction III20%60
Extended Affliction II20%44
Extended Affliction I20%20

Extended Duration
Focus EffectModifierMax Level
Focus of Mediocrity15%65

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Extended Range increased spell casting range by 15%. This latest expansion pushes it out to 25%, quite a boost over your original range.

With a greater range, you can pull from farther away as well as get cast a spell with a slightly longer casting time before the mob reaches you. Of course casting range will never be as far as some high end bows.

Extended Range is a useful focus for everyone, here's a list so you can identify the new focii:

Extended Range
Focus EffectModifierMax Level
Druzzil's Range25%65
Focus of Distance20%65
Druzzil's Distance20%65
Starfall Symbol15%65
Extended Range IV15%65
Extended Range III15%60
Extended Range II15%44
Extended Range I15%20
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