Focus Effect Item List

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Welcome to my focus item list, I hope you'll find it useful. This should be the most complete list of items with focus effects around. If you find an item I don't have yet or notice an error please send me .

Hopefully I can get this set-up in a way that's useful to everyone. My plan is to have links to Allakhazam's, Castersrealm and Magelo for each item as well as a No Drop flag so you know you can't just buy the item. Well, I'll get to work and see what I can put together.

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Improved Damage II
  • Book of Tactics
  • Imperial Wardog Collar
  • Mithril Mask
  • Wurm Scale Coat
Improved Damage I
  • Azure Sleeves
  • Lupine Claw Gauntlets
  • Mammoth Hide Cloak
  • Robe of the Oracle

Improved Damage IV
  • Askr's Thunderous Armplates
  • Ceramic Incence Burner of Ro
  • Honorary Amulet
  • War Crested Ring
Improved Damage III
  • Fedora Secundae
  • Harla Dar's Talisman
  • Jungle Spider Fur Cap
  • Mask of the Dragon Slayer
  • White Dragonscale Cloak

Secret of Power
  • Leggings of Secrets
Enchantment of Destruction
  • Grimoire of Enchantment

Fury of Solusek
Anger of Solusek
  • Red Eyed Mask of Rage

Insidious Dreams
  • Boots of Silent Dreams
Anger of Druzzil
  • Glowing Steel Shim
  • Indigo Snake Bracelet
  • Wand of the War Wizard

Wrath of Druzzil
Fury of Druzzil
  • Amulet of the Rain
  • Xephyrus, Wand of the Flowing Wind

Chill of the Umbra
  • Umbracite Hoop
Anger of E'Ci
  • Ceramic Rod of Storms
  • Ornate Sceptre
  • Raintraveler's Overcloak
  • Stormriders Signet

Wrath of E'Ci
Fury of E'Ci
  • Cloak of Combustion
  • The Orb of the Sun

Focus of Flame
  • Ring of Flamewarding
Anger of Ro
  • Carved Jetsam Short Staff
  • Flickering Powersource
  • Putrid Eye of the Possessed

Wrath of Ro
Fury of Ro
  • Intricately Etched Seashell

Anarchy Sphere
  • Romar's Gloves of Visions
Searing Blaze
  • Magi`Kot's Gloves of Convergence

Inferno of Fennin
  • Maelin's Gloves of Lore
Torbas' Retribution
  • Miragul's Gloves of Risen Souls

Venom of the Tainted
  • Rosrak's Gloves of the Primal

Spell Haste II
  • Djarn's Amethyst Ring
  • Fine Antique Corset
  • Mithril Runed Tunic
  • Necklace of Superiority
  • Shiny Metallic Robe
Spell Haste I
  • Beaded Slime Necklace
  • Bracelet of Woven Grass
  • Gilded Cloth
  • Wolf Fur Slippers

Spell Haste IV
  • Ceramic Totem of Xegony
  • Elemental Slippers of the Prime
  • Half Spiked Sprocket
  • Shield of the Ebon Hand
  • Shimmering Sleeves of Flame
  • Tallon's War Charm
Spell Haste III
  • Essence Lens
  • Frostreaver's Embroidered Cloak
  • Hand of the Master
  • Valtron's Necklace of Wonder

Affliction Haste II
  • Chrysoberyl Talisman
  • Green Silken Drape
  • Iksar Hide Boots
  • Silken Cat-Fur Girdle
Affliction Haste I
  • Crown of Below
  • Ring of Goblin Lords
  • Polished Stone Anklet

Affliction Haste IV
  • Ceramic Skull of Decay
Affliction Haste III
  • Bracelet of the Sky
  • Circlet of the Falinkan
  • Girdle of Magnificence
  • Ring of the Shissar
  • Serreptitious Broach

Enhancement Haste II
  • Fine Antique Amice
  • Golden Efreeti Boots
  • Platinum Tiara
  • Teacher's Syllabus
  • Sarnak Arcane Fetish
Enhancement Haste I
  • Braided Ivy Cords
  • Cape of Midnight Mist
  • Cat Skull Cap
  • Etched Iron Helm
  • Gatorscale Sleeves

Enhancement Haste IV
  • Ceramic Hammer of Innovation
  • Obsidian Plated Pauldrons
  • Protective Dust Drape
  • Signet of the Valorious
Enhancement Haste III
  • Ring of the Shissar
  • Mosquito Hide Belt
  • Mosquito Hide Mask
  • Yunnb's Earring

Summoning Haste II
  • Incandescent Mask
  • Robe of the Elements
  • Sarnak Hide Boots
  • Shadel Bandit Ring
Summoning Haste I
  • Adamantite Band
  • Earring of Essence
  • Shimmering Orb

Summoning Haste IV
  • Decaying Bone Idol
Summoning Haste III
  • Brell's Girdle
  • Kobold Jester Crown
  • Ring of Lightning

Reanimation Haste II
  • Engraved Bone Pauldrons
  • Flayed Paebala Gloves
  • Robe of Enshroudment
Reanimation Haste I
  • Carved Ivory Mask
  • Ivory Bracelet
  • Nightshade Wreath

Reanimation Haste IV
  • Not in game yet.
Reanimation Haste III
  • Fetid Flesh Belt
  • Grotesque Girdle
  • Slick Leather Courier's Cape

Quickening of Mithaniel
  • Gleaming Mesh Girdle
Wind of the Nightcrawler
  • Nightcrawler Leggings
  • Slippers of Dark Whispers

Haste of Mithaniel
  • Cog Encrusted Epaulets
  • First Seargeants Insignia
  • Mantle of the Rainmaker
  • Wicked Bone Atlatl
Speed of Mithaniel
  • Basalt Plated Pauldrons
  • Flame Idol of Ro
  • Hooded Sanguine Mantle
  • Orb of the Thunderous Spirits

Blaze of the Lightbringer
  • Lightbringers Earring
Quickening of Solusek

Haste of Solusek
  • Blood Runed Battle Wand
  • Circular Shield of the Blaze
  • Hammer of the Wind
  • Ivory Candle Skull
  • Symbol of the Plaguebringer
  • The Weapon's Driveshaft
Speed of Solusek
  • Bone Sliver Ornament
  • Bracer of Flickering Flames
  • Earring of Eternal Flame
  • Gauntlets of the Burning Prince
  • Tethered Air Cape

Contemplative Alacrity
  • Book of Contemplation
Conundrum of Speed
  • Wristband of Secrets

Speeding Thought
  • Maelin's Shoes of Lore
  • Mask of Dark Thoughts
  • Miragul's Shoes of Risen Souls
Haste of Druzzil

Shade Stone Focus
  • Shade Stone Amulet
Quickening of Druzzil
  • Bazu Seal of Celerity
  • Bracer of the Inferno
  • Chronal Seal of Celerity
  • Discordant Seal of Celerity
  • Earthen Bracer of Fortitude
  • Ethereal Silk Leggings
  • Jennu's Sleeves of Creation
  • Last Blood of the Mariner
  • Lelyen's Sleeves of Entrancement
  • Muramite's Heavy Shackles
  • Nolaen's Lifereaper Sleeves of Pure Elements
  • Shadowmane Swiftness Charm
  • Toxic Belt of Corruption
  • Wristband of Chaotic Warfare
  • Wristband of Icy Vengeance

Mana Preservation II
  • Black Alloy Medallion
  • Dustscryer's Crystal Ball
  • Fine Antique Ring
  • Mane Attraction
  • Silver Dragon Tattoo
Mana Preservation I
  • Cougar Claw Earring
  • Platinum Armband
  • Polished Bone Hoop
  • Testament of Vanear

Mana Preservation IV
  • Carved Bone Ring
  • Dumul's Boots of the Brute
  • Pendant of the Triumphant Victor
  • Shining Crimson Shawl
  • Trydan's Boots of Nobility
  • Writ of Karana
Mana Preservation III
  • Crystalline Torque
  • Decisive Boots of the Kin
  • Nevederia's Left Eye
  • Obulus Death Shroud
  • Skywatcher's Monocle

Summoning Efficiency II
  • Di'Zok Begirding
  • Embroidered Black Sleeves
  • Robe of the Ishva
Summoning Efficiency I
  • Band of Flesh
  • Dusty Bloodstained Gloves
  • Gossamer Robe

Summoning Efficiency IV
  • Festering Earlobe
Summoning Efficiency III
  • Circlet of Summer
  • Enshrouded Veil
  • Overseer's Signet

Reanimation Efficiency II
  • Platinum Skull Ring
  • Runed Cowl
Reanimation Efficiency I
  • Dark Circlet
  • Flowing Black Robe
  • Lizardskin Tribal Mask

Reanimation Efficiency IV
  • Not in game yet.

Reanimation Efficiency III
  • Crown of Resilience
  • Mask of Pulchuritude
  • Onyx Gauntlets

Affliction Efficiency II
  • Chipped Bone Bracelet
  • Grey Flesh Gloves
  • Squallsurge Shawl
  • White Gold Necklace
Affliction Efficiency I
  • Diamondine Earring
  • Impskin Gloves
  • Polished Bone Bracelet

Affliction Efficiency IV
  • Ceramic Gavel of Justice
  • Falchion of Flowing Water
  • Pus Covered Beetle Carapace
  • Sharp Claw Ahlspiess
Affliction Efficiency III
  • Boots of Superiority
  • Boots of the Dead Dream
  • Gem Encrusted Ring
  • Talisman of Evasion

Focus of the Orb
  • Orb of Secrets
Preservation of Xegony
  • Immaculate Vest of the Fire Tyrant
  • Maelin's Sleeves of Lore
  • Miragul's Sleeves of Risen Souls
  • Romar's Sleeves of Vision
  • Ultor's Boots of Faith
  • Vest of Phoenix Feathers

Preservation of the Akheva
  • Mask of Judgement
  • Mask of Secrets
Conservation of Xegony

Alluring Preservation
  • Robe of Luring Shadows
Focus of Solusek
  • Malarian Leg Ear Stud
  • Sun Flare Ear Bob
  • Tormented Stone of Souls

Wind of Mana
  • Boots of the Wind
Conservation of Solusek
  • Decayed Shoes of the Plaguebringer
  • Gleaming Pendant of Xegony

Pernicious Focus
  • Bracelet of Darkness
Preservation of Solusek

Obsidian Requiem
  • Obsidian Necklace
Preservation of Bertoxxulous

Sanguine Enchantment
  • Sanguine Eyepatch
Focus of Mithaniel

Darkened Preservation
  • Darkened Claw Amulet
Conservation of Mithaniel
  • Black Collar of Boundless Might

Sanguine Conservation
  • Sanguine Robe
Preservation of Mithaniel

Improved Healing II
  • Book of Obulus
  • Fine Antique Veil
  • Frakadar's Talisman
  • Meditative Blanket
Improved Healing I
  • Medicine Totem
  • Turtle Shell Helm
  • Zaharn's Coronet

Improved Healing IV
  • Knucklebone Beaded Veil
  • Polished Smoothmetal Torque
  • Primal Mask of the Earthcrafter
  • Veil of War Wise Eyes
Improved Healing III
  • Idol of the Underking
  • Mask of Fall
  • Shroud of Veeshan

Marr's Gift
  • Raiment of the Fire Son
  • Rosrak's Sleeves of the Primal
Touch of Judgement
  • Leggings of Judgement

Marr's Blessing


Extended Affliction II
  • Fine Antique Pelisse
  • Kobold Hide Boots
  • Reed Belt
  • Serpentine Bracer
  • Siryn Hair Hood
  • Squallsurge Shawl
Extended Affliction I
  • Aviak Charm
  • Golden Ear Stud
  • Hollow Bone Bracer

Extended Affliction IV
  • Miserable Bauble
Extended Affliction III
  • Bone Clasped Girdle
  • Bracelet of the Deep Sea
  • Coldain Military Wristguard

Vengeance of Time
  • Wand of the Firestorm
Accursed Extension
  • Staff of Lost Rituals

Focus of Mediocrity
  • Crown of Ambivalence
Vengeance of Eternity

Extended Enhancement II
  • Batfang Headband
  • Chestplate of the Constant
  • Clawed Knuckle Ring
  • Drakescale Belt
  • Totemic Breastplate
Extended Enhancement I
  • Bear-hide Boots
  • Damask Robe
  • Lockjaw Hide Tunic
  • Shazda Turban

Extended Enhancement IV
  • Ceramic Shield of Valor
  • Cloak of the Wrulons
  • Idol of the Tempest Storm
Extended Enhancement III
  • Amulet of Insight
  • Dragon Scaled Mask
  • Rokyl's Channeling Crystal

Patience of Time
Zephyr of Brell
  • Blessed Coldain Prayer Shawl

Patience of Eternity


Extended Range II
  • Fancy Velvet Mantle
  • Golden Bracer
  • Moonstone Ring
  • Shimmering Terror Hide Boots
Extended Range I
  • Glowing Bone Collar
  • Drake-Hide Sleeves

Extended Range IV
  • Ceramic Sword of War
  • Diseased Rat Skin Mask
  • Ivory Claw Necklace
  • Red Circlet of the Evoker
  • Small Larvae Carapace
  • Wand of the Ice Storm
  • Wind Worn Luckstone
Extended Range III
  • Cryosilk Sash
  • Drachnid Thyxl
  • Square Helm
  • Supple Scale Armband

Druzzil's Distance
  • Air Fetish
  • Crystal Tipped Onyxwood Staff
  • Mask of the Insightful
  • War Charm of Crossed Blades
Starfall Symbol
  • Bracer of the Silent Star

Druzzil's Range
Focus of Distance
  • Wristband of Judgement